Born and raised in England

"I recognized the importance of style at an early age. I witnessed a time when jackets were required, suits and ties were mandatory and there was a sense of pride in the way people dressed. Things change fast in fashion, but I can always tell when I meet someone who feels proud of their appearance and comfortable in their own skin, even if it is on a summer Friday afternoon in Manhattan."

"I learned the ins and outs of fashion as an editor at MR Magazine, the leading menswear trade publication, and later as the fashion and style writer for I’ve covered fashion week in New York, Spain, South Korea, and national trade shows in Las Vegas, New York and Barcelona, learning a thing or two about how to dress well."

"Now I specialize exclusively in personal styling and image makeovers, which I tackle first by understanding my client’s lifestyle needs, career, personality and of course, physical attributes. Then I create bespoke style solutions tailored to his or her needs."

"I work with a wide variety of contacts within the fashion and retail industry and beyond to deliver unparalleled service and value for my clients, ultimately saving them time and money."