As the last few days of summer are in sight I like to encourage my clients to take a peek at their closets and notice those pieces that have sat there, untouched, all summer long. Whether it’s the shirt that’s an odd shade of green, the linen shorts that are a tad too baggy, the long summer dress that never fit quite right, or the not-comfortable-enough boat shoe.
Set those questionable items aside in your closet and in these last few days make a point to try them on or wear them. You’ll know soon enough why you haven’t worn them all summer. If it’s not right now it won’t be any better suited for you this time next year. Put it in the donation pile and make space in your closet for clothes and shoes you’ll love. 

But just because the kids are back in school and everyone’s starting to get back into work mode doesn’t mean you have to leap into next season full force. I like to transition my wardrobe as smoothly as possible and this Fall a great ankle bootie is a staple for the ladies – keep the color light and look for a peep toe, perforated or laser cut leather that will give the shoe a lighter, more breathable look and feel. 

I have so many more favorites!! To shop more of my favorite ankle bootie styles, click HERE. And to learn how to style them for early Fall, or to upgrade your wardrobe for the upcoming season with a Sort, Shop & Style, send me an email at