Whether you've got a Dad Bod or a six-pack, you're going to want your summer clothes to help you look your best at all times. Here are a few quick tips to help you keep your cool. 

The Sleek Swim Shorts

There’s an art to getting the men’s swim short right. Big, baggy and long and you look like an overgrown teenager, too short and you look too feminine. For the perfect fit you’ll have to try on a few cuts but for an athletic modern fit opt for two to three inches above the knee (never any longer than the knee), keep the leg opening trim. A tailored fit is much more flattering these days than those old Quicksilver board shorts but a lot of guys, despite hitting the big Four-O, haven’t converted to the new fit.

Keep it simple when it comes to pattern – simple and subtle or solid. No tigers, skulls or flames please. Bright or neon colors look better with a tan so save those for the end of summer. When you’re still pale stick with a classic like navy. My favorites are Orlebar Brown Bulldog or Dane depending on your height.

The Orlebar Brown Bulldog Swim Short

The Orlebar Brown Bulldog Swim Short

The Straw Fedora

Not only is it a classic that everyone should own, but gents you need to be as serious about keeping the sun off your face as the ladies are. You are not immune to sun damage and pre-mature wrinkles!

Rule number one when shopping for a hat – always try on in front of a full-length mirror because the width of the brim or the height of the crown can really balance out an outfit. The shape and style of a hat can flatter (or not flatter) your body type. (Does this hat make me look fat?). If you’re not sure go for a “stingy brim” (one-and-a-half-inches or less) as it’s a more stylish look.

Ideally you'd go to a specialized hat store to get a fedora that fits you just right such as Goorin Bros in the West Village or The Pork Pie Hatters in the East Village. 

Goorin Bros Hat by J. Crew

Goorin Bros Hat by J. Crew

Shirts that speak for themselves

Unless you’re a really lucky dude you probably still have to go into the office this summer. As the weather warms up you’re going to want to leave that jacket at home so your shirts need to be impeccably tailored and interesting enough to stand-alone. Go for color and pattern. Pair a lavender check button down with navy dress pants, a brown belt and brown loafers and you’ll be sharp while cool at the same time.

A  Boga check shirt  will help you keep your cool in the office

A Boga check shirt will help you keep your cool in the office

If your summer wardrobe needs an upgrade, you can email me here for a consultation.