David is the guy who always looks sharp for the office or for drinks after work. His closet is a well-edited collection of designer suits, shirts and ties. But after he and his wife had a baby and they moved to Brooklyn he found that his weekend wardrobe needed a shake up. 

As a new dad his lifestyle shifted dramatically and his wardrobe needed to also. The new family outing was taking the stroller to the coffee shop on the weekend, walking along the water in Dumbo with his wife, his son and his dog until the baby fell asleep and then maybe sneaking in an afternoon glass of wine while the baby slept. And date night became a priority.

He had mastered his work wardrobe but now as a new Dad he needed casual clothes for his new life.

Sasha, Dave and of course, adorable baby Landon.

Sasha, Dave and of course, adorable baby Landon.

Here are some things to keep in mind for your weekend wardrobe:

  • Everyone needs a good pair of dark denim jeans that fit right.
  • look for non-denim casual pants (light weight cords or five pocket pants) so you can alternate between these and denim.
  • There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite sweatshirt or hoodie – just make sure it’s modern, flattering and fits well. It’s time to part with that balloon-like sweatshirt from your college days.
  • Never wear your gym sneakers outside the gym. Get a pair of “street sneakers” to wear with jeans and casual pants.
  • Buy a vest to layer under a coat when it’s chilly and to wear over a shirt or a sweater as the weather warms up. (It will also give you more pockets to store your keys and wallet so your pants don’t look bulky).
  • Keep your dress shirts for the workweek. Get some great sport shirts to wear for date night.
  • Buy a casual sport coat and wear it as a lightweight jacket.
From top left clockwise:  JBrand ,  John Varvatos ,  Salence ,  AG ,  UNTUCKit ,  Common Projects .

From top left clockwise: JBrand, John Varvatos, Salence, AG, UNTUCKit, Common Projects.

Of course, we all want to be comfortable and casual on the weekend, but there are ways to achieve that and look smart at the same time. I always like to remind my clients that they shouldn’t just dress well for their colleagues – think about the person who has to look at you every day for the rest of your life!

If you have an aspect of your wardrobe that needs a tune up, feel free to contact me here.