I’m wearing a dress everyday in December, even on the cold days, even on the rainy days, even on the days when my son is off school sick and all I really want to wear is a sweatshirt, leggings and my Ugg slippers. Why? Because I’m joining hundreds of other women around the country in a collaborative effort to support the Dressember Foundation – an organization that raises awareness and funds to advocate for women enslaved by human trafficking around the world. Human trafficking and sex slavery is a crime that that is estimated to enslave 35 million people across the globe, of that number 50% are children and 70% women.

Let me tell you why I'm participating in Dressember for the first time this year. As a personal stylist, a writer and mom to a six-year-old boy living in NYC I’m busy shopping for and styling my clients, or writing about the process. While it feels great to make a difference in peoples lives, careers and self-confidence through how they present themselves to the world each day, there’s always that nagging part of me that wants to do more.

It’s easy to feel too busy to do something that could make a difference, but when I saw this Tedx Talk by Dressember founder Blyth Hill on How a Dress Can Change the World that really got my attention.

I’m wearing a dress everyday to get the conversation about human trafficking going and I’m posting the pictures on Instagram – if you don’t already, please follow along @harrison_style for tips on how to style a dress in all kinds of crazy ways. And if you would like to donate to the cause you can visit my fundraising page HERE. Anyone who donates any amount will receive my very first ebook - 31 Days and Ways to Style a Dress - for free at the end of the month. (If you’re a guy you can gift it to your girlfriend, wife, mother, or friend). All the money raised by Dressember goes to the International Justice Mission (IJM) and The A21 Campaign, committed to abolishing sexual exploitation and forced slave labor (A21). Please check out these sites for inspiring stories of hope and rescue. 

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate any amount toward my goal. The process is fast, easy and secure and every dollar counts. You can do it HERE
  • Share this page on Facebook and Twitter. Send an email to friends who might be interested and include a link! Here's the LINK
  • Join the movement and participate yourself. It's fun, it forces you to get creative and wear things in your closet you'd forgotten about, and it's for a good cause. 

Thank you!!