Today I’m thinking about holiday style, and how to take your outfit from day to night for a holiday party. Often holiday drinks are right after work, sometimes you hop from one to another and you don’t have time to go home and change first -- you just need to take things up a notch.

Work with What You’ve Got

The first thing I suggest is to go through your closet and look for what I call holiday colors and textures and put them all together in one end of your closet that way you won’t keep wearing the same gold sparkly top to every single holiday drinks or get together you go to this December – who’s guilty of that? I know I am!

Do this when you have some free time, so that if you get a call for a last minute party you can go straight to your “Party” section.

Go For the Gold

Look for gold, silver, glitzy, shimmery, sparkly, anything with sequins, anything red, green, in jewel tones like royal blue, deep pink or turquoise. Don’t forget leather and lace too. Anything that’s regal, sparkly or luxurious says holiday. Then play around with them, incorporate them into your daily looks because for a lot of those textures, especially sequins and glitzy fabrics this is the only time of year you can wear them.

Make a Statement, No Make Two or Three

Usually you know you’ve put together an outfit well if you have one great statement piece – whether it’s a stunning necklace, a gorgeous jacket, a bright colorful handbag, or a scarf that just pulls the whole look together. For holiday dressing the one statement rule does not apply, take it up to two of three.

Put on your "statement making" shoes. By  Kate Spade

Put on your "statement making" shoes. By Kate Spade

For example, if you wore a simple black dress to work you could wear red lipstick, which instantly makes you look festive, add some sparkly dangly earrings, and carry an all over sequin clutch. Or if you wore a suit to wear with a sensible shirt under the jacket, replace the shirt with some lacy lingerie, a blinged-out cuff on your wrist and some killer high heels.

Basically keep this in mind for holiday dressing: if you can wear your holiday outfit to work and have a meeting with your boss or an important client, you haven’t amped it up enough.

The Exception

There is an exception to this rule: if you are wearing a “holiday dress” in red or green, or an allover sparkly something that already shouts Christmas, then you’ve already made your statement. Accessorize with delicate jewelry and subtle make up. While you do want to look sexy and festive, you don’t want to look like you’re competing with your Christmas tree or Santa.

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