The weather in NYC has been strangely and unseasonably warm. But it’s the East Coast people, the temperatures will inevitably drop and the best way to handle that reality is to master the art of layering.

Layering makes an outfit look complete. Layering says you’ve put thought into what goes together. It’s not only functional (you can peel off layers as you warm up and still look put together), but it also lets you incorporate more colors and textures into your outfit which immediately takes your style up a notch.

Done right layering can extend the “Fall” season and allow you to wear your lighter-weight clothes longer - just choose your layers wisely. The last thing you want is to look like the Michelin man!

So how do you bundle up and layer like a pro? 

Here are a few rules to go by:

1.     Each layer should be wearable by itself.

2.     Let your layers peek out a little – if you’re wearing a tee under your chambray shirt, leave a few buttons undone to let it show. If you're wearing a sweater on top of that button-down shirt, let the shirt cuffs or collar show. The whole point is to show all your layers.

3.     Keep your inner most layers thin and lightweight. Save chunky knits or looser clothes for the outermost layer.

4.   Add one more. The third or even fourth layer is what makes your outfit look complete. And that final layer can be a thin scarf. It doesn't mean sweater over sweater over sweater!

Here is one of my favorite layered looks that guys can wear now:

Start with a dress shirt, add a wool or knit tie, layer on a lightweight ¾ mock-zip sweater and a non-bulky vest. Wear this with dress pants, brown shoes and a coordinating brown belt and you'll be looking sharp. For cooler days (before you need your big winter coat) add a sportcoat and scarf as your outerwear.

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And for the ladies?

This season it’s all about the button down shirt for women, whether it’s cotton plaid, a silky pattern or a plain white shirt. Try it underneath a funnel neck or three-quarter-length sleeve sweater so that the collar, cuffs and hem peek out. Wear with skinny or leather jeans and booties, then top with a jacket. Don't forget to layer short and longer necklaces too.

Stylist tip: Ladies wear a tank top over your shirt and under your sweater - it adds an extra layer of warmth and keeps the shirt from looking bulky under your sweater.

women's layered look 2.jpg

The key is to experiment and play around with what works. Click HERE to shop a few of my favorite women's basic layering pieces to add to your collection and give legs to what you already own.