What are you getting your spouse for the holidays this year? How about a gift that is beneficial for both you and the man in your life.

I hear so many wives complaining about their husband’s style and how they wish that they would dress better. Common gripes are that he’d stop wearing workout sneakers with jeans on the weekends, that he’d own more respectable casual clothes so that he looks handsomely dressed even when they are just going to brunch on a Sunday, or that he had more options to wear on date night.

We all know how looking good affects your mood and sensibility – it just does. If you dress like a slob you’re more likely to feel like a slob and sit on the couch and watch football all day. But if your man is feeling sharp in his weekend clothes, maybe he’ll be more inspired to take you shopping, to the museum, or the ballet!

What about those Saturday nights where you get a blow out, you wear the new dress and the heels that you know will pinch your toes but you do it anyway because it’s Saturday and you’ve got a babysitter. And then your darling husband throws on the jeans that were in a crumpled heap in the corner and the same “going out” shirt he wears every Saturday night. It’s disappointing, right? Most men are genetically wired to not like shopping the way most women do so their options are more limited. But how great would you both feel walking into the restaurant or party knowing that you might just be the best-dressed couple there?

What if you give your man an image upgrade for the holidays with Harrison Style? Here’s what it looks like:

We set up a time for me to edit his wardrobe for what works and what doesn’t. Those shirts that have been hanging in the closet since college because they were “expensive” or because his mom bought it for him ten years ago, will find a good home elsewhere (with his permission I’ll take his unwanted or unneeded clothes to a donation site or a consignment store so they’ll be out of your hair for good).

I’ll then come up with a game plan, a style strategy for what he needs in order to complete his wardrobe according to his lifestyle. I’ll shop for these pieces and pull looks together then we’ll select the pieces he wants/needs. Finally I’ll put the new outfits in a digital look book so he’ll never have to think twice about how to look sharp every single time no matter what the occasion.

A complete image make over as described above is $1295*. But from now until December 25th I’m offering $100 off. Send me an email and mention HOLIDAY STYLE and I’ll get a good-looking gift card in your hands for your soon-to-be-stylish husband in time for the holidays.

*cost of clothes is not included. 

Don't give your spouse more stuff he doesn't need this holiday season. Give the gift of style. 

Don't give your spouse more stuff he doesn't need this holiday season. Give the gift of style.